Battle Pass


  • Missions algorithm work with performance.
  • System work with cache data.
  • You can set any detail of system. So clean and short code.
  • Some missions have sub value.

  • Kill monster mission but value is 101 so player need kill only 101. If sub value is 0, player can kill all monster for increase mission value.

    BattlePass Missions
  • Kill Bosses(SubValue+)
  • Kill Monster(SubValue+)
  • Kill Stone(SubValue+)
  • Catch Fish(SubValue+)
  • Craft Item(SubValue+)
  • Craft Gaya
  • Destroy item(SubValue+)
  • Complete Dungeon(SubValue+)
  • Earn Money(SubValue+)
  • Feed Pet
  • Level Up
  • Mount Time
  • Open OfflineShop
  • Play Time
  • Refine Item(SubValue+)
  • Refine Alchemy
  • Sash Combination
  • Sell Item(SubValue+)
  • Spend Money
  • Sprite Stone(SubValue+)
  • Use Emoticon
  • Send Whisper
  • Shout Chat
  • Kill Player

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